Our Philosophy
We firmly believe that everybody has talent and the potential to be successful. Working in partnership with you, we will explore your potential and find the most appropriate way for you to develop and benefit from your learning.

Welcome to Enhance T&D
We provide professional and personalised training and development solutions in English, Italian, French and German ensuring consistency of content and delivery across regions.

We specialise in the following areas:

- Leadership and management development
- Communication skills
- Cultural diversity
- Self-management and development
- Coaching

The content of our interventions is based on many years of experience in the professional world as well as a real passion for learning. Each concept and tool we use, has been applied to practice and we know that it works.

Working Methodology
We listen first, and together with you we clarify your needs. We then reflect on how best to meet your needs and propose to you our selected form of intervention. Finally, together, we take the initial proposal to its final stage: the training and development solution that works for you.

According to your needs, we offer:
- Workshops (usually 1-3 days)
- Training courses (a combination of several workshops/modules)
- Individual and team coaching
- Multiple Solutions (to accompany you in depth and over time)